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Takazono develops packaging equipment that delivers solutions for pharmaceutical operations.

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Blister Pack Dispensing machine


Prepares the specified number of medications
with ease, and precisely dispenses PTP sheets in units of one tablet

  • The precise output of each tablet substantially reduces human error in drug preparation. Enhances risk management.
  • The Tiara uses the latest technology to cut PTP sheets without damaging drugs. It precisely dispenses drugs in units of tablets, and memorizes remaining numbers and simultaneously retains drugs in the remaining drug stock. The Tiara will dispense remaining stock during next use.
  • Additionally, it is equipped with a variety of features, such as a controller screen for two units and optional features such as dedicated filling terminal for preventing filling errors, in order to improve efficiency when preparing specified drug doses.
  • Half sheet unit available.

Liquid Medication Dispensing machine

LiQ ~ Model S

Facilitates simple, accurate and fast dispensing of liquid medications

  • Dispenses liquid solutions simply by pressing the “Start” button after checking the prescription data and setting the container.
  • Features an automatic dilution adjustment function where water or simple syrup can be added depending on the dosage.
  • Up to 10 solutions can be kept in the machine in a hygienic environment. Using the silicone nozzle prevents drops of solution from falling after dispensing, and prevents solution from coming into contact with the outside atmosphere.
  • Optional stirring function and a cold storage function available.

Powder and Tablet Packaging


The most precise machine with the highest-level specifications
high-grade pouch packaging machine

  • Compact body with high-level specifications (width of main unit is 975 mm with twin discs). Conveyer unit not included.
  • Four types of packaging sizes.
  • Offers the fastest and most stable packaging at 50 packages per minute. For package widths of 60 and 70 mm.
  • SH hopper unit has an automatic dust collection function. The latest technology has been applied for easy maintenance.
  • Optional graphic printing device available.

High-level specifications at your fingertips
A compact and advanced machine

  • Surprisingly narrow main unit for an automatic pouch packaging machine. (834 mm*)
  • Does not include conveyer unit.
  • Select from four types of packaging size.
  • Handles three months prescription with ease. A large volume machine, capable of handling 93 packages per job.
  • Simple to operate and maintain.
  • Optional graphic printer device available.

Advanced high-performance automated
pouch packaging machine capable of packing powder
or tablet automatically in a single package

  • At only 896 mm wide and 420 mm deep, the machine automatically packages tablet and powder in individual packages respectively.
  • Small body enables effective distribution and precise division.
  • Stylish and friendly design, with reduced operating noise.
  • All dispensing, printing and monitoring operations integrated on a computer.
  • Equipped with graphic printing as standard feature.
  • Specialized tablet dispensing device has a large capacity of 51 main unit canisters.

Semi-automated Machines


A next-generation, user-friendly pouch packaging
machine that sets a new standard for ease of use

  • A next-generation pouch packaging machine brimming with Takazono technology, designed for dust collection, noise reduction, and contamination prevention.
  • Features the industry’ s first cyclone-type dust collection system.
  • Touch panel is easy to read and operate.
  • Optional graphics printing device available
  • Specialized tablet dispensing device has a large capacity of 51 main unit canisters.

A small-sized, basic pouch packaging device featuring simple
operations and ease of maintenance

  • Easy-to-operate functions and simple structure.
  • Select from two types of packaging size and packaging speed.
  • Divider with simple structure reduces drug residue.
  • Contains parts that can be removed and assembled for easy maintenance.
  • Optional Printing device available.
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