Fully-automated packaging machine

High-speed and highly accurate unit-dose and multi-dose
patient-specific packaging system


Takazono delivers accurate and
stable packaging.

The Eser128 minimizes drug bouncing and cracking, while performing accurate and stable packaging with 128 canisters.
Because we have devoted considerable efforts to analyzing the pathways that drugs follow as they are transported and sealed within our packagers, we have engineered these pathways to limit the effects of physical shocks. For example, the pathways, hopper chutes, and hopper bulbs feature special components designed to minimize the effects of physical contact. Additionally, the parts that come into contact with tablets have anti-static features which eliminate fine powders and dust. Special patented mixing rollers are also used to make packaging more stable.

High speeds of 60 packages per minute and
a 24 inch slim body.

This slim-bodied machine packages at the high speed of 60* packages per minute. The slim body, with a depth of 24 inch, takes up little space and achieves rapid packaging at 60* packages per minute. It can pack up to 999 packages in a single operation.

* Takazono Measurement.
* The data will change depending on settings and conditions.

The Eser128 can package either the manual tablet unit (MTU) or from both the MTU and canisters in a single package.

The MTU unit enables MTU packaging only or packaging by combining with the MTU and canisters in a single package

Canisters can be refilled during the packaging process,
eliminating the need to start over.

Should a canister in the Eser128 deplete during a packaging run, the Eser128 drum will automatically turn the depleted canister towards the front of the unit, and the LED display will indicate which canister should be refilled, allowing rapid refilling. Users can direct the Eser128 to move to the next packaging run while the empty canister is replenished, maintaining a steady flow of packaging. Once the canister has been replenished, the Eser128 will replace that packaging order in the queue. Meanwhile, safety features prevent fingers and sleeves from being caught in the mechanism.

An ingenious design
that simplifies maintenance.

The Eser128 is easy to clean and care for the MTU unit consisting of the Upper MTU and the Lower MTU is removable for quick and easy cleaning.

Ink ribbon cassettes are easy
to attach and remove.

Cassette-type ink ribbons can be attached or removed in a single step. Since the printing unit can be shifted to the front of the machine, replacing the ink ribbon and cleaning the device are simple.

A user-friendly design,canister

The upper section of the tablet canister is transparent, so the drugs inside can be confirmed visually. Not only does the Eser128 come with an in-board dehumidifier to absorb moisture, but each canister contains a pocket to hold an additional desiccant to further eliminate moisture. This results in more accurate performance of the canisters. Users can assign high-moving drugs to an unlimited number of canisters.

The standard Eser128 is equipped with a journal printer and prints information necessary to perform administrative tasks.

In addition to a printer for printing information on unit-dose or multi-dose packages, the Eser128 is equipped with a journal printer to provide information about each packaging run.

This machine prints various kinds of information, simplifying instruction on the use of drugs.

This machine simplifies instruction on the use of drugs, by categorizing instructions according to context (e.g., directions for use, hospital ward, hospital room, prescription), giving warnings, etc.

Our high-quality packing film
ensures product safety.

Takazono’s high-quality packing film protects essential medicines, delivering peace of mind and product safety for patients.

Ink ribbon printing enables the printing of a significant quantity of information.

2.8 inch-width black ink ribbons enable more information to be conveyed to patients.


Name Eser128
Dimensions 23.6"W × 23.6"D × 71.9"H
Weight 551lbs.(Does not include canisters)
Power Volts AC 105 to 125V 60Hz
Power Consumption Max 320VA
Printer Thermal transfer
Canister Volume 172cc(46 drams)
Package sizes 2.8"× 3.5"(70mm × 90mm), 2.8"× 3.1"(70mm × 80mm) ,
2.8"× 2.8"(70mm × 70mm), 2.8"× 2.4"(70mm × 60mm),
(Automatically selectable)
Package Capacity Max 20 medication types per package
Max Package Speed 60 packages per minute from both canisters and MTU tray
(Takazono Measurement. The data will change depending on settings and conditions. )
Expandability Up to four systems with one user software
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